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how can users identify whether the motor is a high-efficiency motor?

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in order to better guide consumers to use high-efficiency motors, china adopts energy efficiency identification management for basic series motors, which should be filed on china's energy efficiency identification network and pasted with corresponding energy efficiency identification on the motor body.

take ye2, ye3, ye4 and ye5 motors as examples. in different periods, the same energy efficiency is not necessarily an energy-saving motor. whether the motor is energy-saving or not, the positioning of the motor must correspond to the current effective gb18613 standard. the energy efficiency of the motor is divided into three grades. one grade is z high grade, and the three grades are the energy efficiency requirements that the motor must meet, that is, the z low limit requirement, that is, the efficiency level of this kind of motor is not lower than the limit requirement before it can be sold on the market.


are all motors with energy efficiency labels high-efficiency motors?

the answer is no. motors within the scope of energy efficiency identification management must be filed on china energy efficiency identification network, and their exclusive energy efficiency identification (two-dimensional code) must be added before entering the market. according to the standard, level 3 energy efficiency identification motors are not energy-saving products, and level 2 or level 1 energy efficiency identification motors are energy-saving products.

what are the energy-saving motors corresponding to different versions of standards?

at present, the valid version of gb18613 standard is 2020. under this standard condition, ye3 series motors are only allowed to be produced, and their efficiency level corresponds to the international standard ie3 level, and the product energy efficiency label is level 3 energy efficiency. the efficiency level of ye4 and ye5 series motors corresponds to ie4 and ie5 respectively, and the energy efficiency identification corresponds to level 2 and level 1.

in gb18613 in 2012, ye2 series motors have limited energy efficiency, and ye3 and ye4 are energy-saving motors. with the replacement of this version of the standard, the corresponding energy efficiency level has also been repositioned.

therefore, for motor consumers, they should have this knowledge to better control the relevant requirements in the motor procurement process. for many motor manufacturers, in order to prove the energy efficiency advantages of their products and pass the third-party energy-saving certification, consumers should recognize the effectiveness of the energy-saving certification they provide, so as to clearly understand consumers.