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will other performances of high-efficiency motor decrease while improving efficiency?

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for the high-efficiency motor, a fan asked a question: in the process of improving the efficiency of the motor, whether it will have an adverse impact on its power factor and other performance.

gb18613. gb30253 and gb30254 are motor energy efficiency restrictions for different series of products, and they are only special regulations for the efficiency of corresponding products. the technical conditions corresponding to the product will not conflict, but in terms of motor efficiency index, the efficiency index specified in the technical conditions of any product bound by mandatory standards shall not be lower than the minimum limit requirements of corresponding mandatory standards.


it can be seen from the quoted standards of motor technical conditions that the provisions of motor efficiency index, whether the mandatory requirements standard of motor or the technical conditions of corresponding products, are based on iec60034-30-1, so there will be no conflict in the determination of efficiency index. for example, the widely used basic series motor, ye2 ye3. for ye4 and ye5 motors, different series of motors correspond to different levels of efficiency in iec standards, and ye5 motor energy efficiency corresponds to the highest energy efficiency level ie5 specified in current iec standards.

with the improvement of motor energy efficiency in china, the minimum limit requirement of gb18613 in 2020 is ie3, that is, the corresponding ye3 series products; ye2 and previous y2 y series products cannot be reproduced and sold because their energy efficiency does not meet the requirements.

another question is, in addition to improving the efficiency index, will other performance indexes of high-efficiency motors decline? it is certain that the mandatory standards for energy efficiency are only for the requirements of motor efficiency indicators. under the requirements of this standard, the technical conditions of the motor will be set. take the technical conditions of ye4 motor as an example.

at present, the standard corresponding to the technical conditions of ye4 series motor is jb / t13299-2017. the motor efficiency index is set according to ie4, and specific requirements are put forward for the measurement of motor efficiency, which is consistent with the provisions of gb18613. the technical conditions specify the power factor and other performance indexes of the motor, that is, while improving the efficiency index of the motor, other performances of the motor must meet the requirements.

from the technical point of view, efficient motors need enough design technology and technology to pave the way. relatively speaking, the cost of high-efficiency motor is relatively high, but from the analysis of long-term energy-saving and environmental protection factors, high-efficiency motor will play a leading role in the motor market in the future.